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Brand performance is driven by complete integration of your visual identity with a vision, story and culture.
Only when your visual identity is fully aligned and consistent across all communications will your brand have true value.

So when should you consider a re-brand?

Let’s look at some reasons why you may decide it could be time to rebrand your business:

1.  The direction of your business has changed.
We can only plan so far ahead when it comes to the future of our business. Even though the heart of our message stays the same, we naturally grow as business owners, perfecting our skills and honing our talents, creating a natural change of business direction.
It could be the nature of the services you offer have changed in some way, providing a catalyst for transformation in your brand.

2. You’re attracting the wrong clientele.
Getting requests and offers from people that do not fit your target audience is a big, BIG sign that something needs to change. One size fits all just doesn’t apply in best business practices, and it’s vital to brand your business to reach and unite with the right clientele.

3. Your branding and design are outdated.
Vintage outerwear and products are a thing right now – old record players, satchels and brogues. But vintage computers and digital design processes that work? Yeah… don’t think anyone’s heard of that one. So it may call for some brand-botox to revive the face of your business, meaning a whole revamp of the nature of your brand and its appearance to the naked eye.

4.  Your old brand doesn’t meet the needs of your audience.
When it comes to your business, consumers are the core. It’s their ideas, their needs and their aspirations that are your foundation. So when your ethos and brand promise do not line up with there’s, the relationship between you both is severed, leading to some ugly business divorce that no one signed up for. That’s the time for some brand therapy to reunite both sides of your business.

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If a Brand is the story.
Design is the story telling.


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