Brand Guidelines

Successful branding starts with a clear identity and guidelines that promote consistency and a blue print for brand growth. The role of effective brand guidelines is to keep your brand on track so that it can thrive and add value to your business.

Have you ever found yourself unable to provide essential details about your logo and brand to service providers. Have you wished it could be as easy as flicking them a complete BRAND GUIDELINE in one complete pdf document.

A Brand Guideline should include all aspects regarding brand positioning, brand voice and brand management. Starting with... 1. The Logo, icon & positioning statement applications 2. Colour Palette 3. Identity restrictions & sizing guidelines 4. Typographical use 5. Trademarking 6. Associated visual elements - photography style and graphics 7. Samples of collateral, like stationery, signage, ads..etc

Brandmedia can develope your own GUIDELINES to ensure consistency and build value into your most important asset -

your BRAND. To find out more please get in contact with Jeff at brandmedia.

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