Colour meanings vary from culture to culture, and the impact that your brand has on your targeted audience.
Here is a list of a few meanings on how colours are interpreted by brands:


Wealth, Money, Calming, Trees, Ambition, Endurance, Healing, Calm, Generosity, Natural, Completion, and Protection.
Green is synonymous with calm, freshness and health. With deeper greens associated with affluence and lighter shades with serenity.


Security, Trust Worthy, Stability, Loyalty, Wisdom, Confidence, Trust, Friendliness, Preservation, Courage, Science, Health.
Blue is thought to put people at ease as it relates to the sky and the ocean.


Energy, Power, Vigour, Leadership, Courage, Passion, Activity, Joy.
Red evokes a passionate and visceral response. It’s a colour that increases your heart rate, makes you breathe more heavily and activates the pituitary gland.


Optimism, Childish, Freshness, Law, Education, Arrogance.
Yellow communicates hope and optimism. Yellow simulates creativity and energy, and its brightness is particularly useful in catching the customers eye.


Romantic, Feminine, Love, Beauty.
Pink is a feminine and affectionate colour, that lends itself to identifying products and services geared toward women and young girls.


Cheerful, Passion, Pleasure, Enthusiasm, Fascination, Creativity, Fun.
Orange combines the brightness and cheer of yellow with the energy and boldness of red to make a colour that is full of life and exudes plenty of excitement.

Black / Grey

Powerful, Mysterious, Elegance, Sophistication, Functionality.
Grey are used across multiple industries, evoking everything from balance to simplicity, cold temperatures, innovation and science.
So next time you come across a familiar brand, put it to the test and see if these make a lot of sense?
Happy shopping!
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